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Paul Arion
Soren Bendt
United Kingdom, 2022, 20 min.

In English with English, Spanish, German, Italia subtitles.

Fieldtrip is a 20 minutes science fiction short movie about a man in a robotic spacesuit, who crashes into his own minefield and has to navigate through it. A dark comedy about the ‘collaboration’ of man and machine.

Director's Statement

Fieldtrip is a love letter to the 70's sci-fi classics. Both directors, Soren Bendt & Paul Arion, are lifelong fans of this genre and were fascinated by the idea of a lone astronaut wearing a sentient robotic suit, whose mind evolves beyond the astronaut's control. The fusion of the astronaut and his AI suit reflects our modern technology experience and looks to its future. A future where our technological devices surpass ourselves. Every day we take advantage of our devices passive assistance, but what happens if the devices evolve agency? What if that agency proves to be detrimental, even with the programmer's best intentions? What does the emergence of agency from an AI tell us about our own responsibilities? Fieldtrip explores these questions and the theme of consequence, where our main character is trapped within the minefield that himself deployed. His actions, like our own, eventually catch up with us. Fieldtrip is set in a harsh believable world, a heightened reality where extreme circumstances bring out the best and the worst in the characters. Its style is "diesel-punk" and "retro-future" and explores the relationship between AI and man, both facing the consequence of man's actions.

Category: Science Fiction.

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